Tattoo Scans: ‘What We Cannot See From Here’ Exhibition

‘What We Cannot See From Here’, exhibition, Link Gallery, MMU. Curated by John Lynch.

Tattoo scans, printed onto 30x30cm acrylic sheet, presented on medical x-ray light box.

Exhibition BLOG

what we cannot poster


My exhibition statement:
A tattoo is (statement)what we cannot see preview 3 Tattoo Scan Light Box Link Gallery what we cannot see preview What we cannot see preview 1Slideshow of group exhibition:

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Exhibitor list:WWCSFH exhibitor list


Success: Link Gallery Show

Our start of 2nd year group ‘Success’ show finally came together as a rich mix of experiment and diverse image.

Below is the Link Gallery Layout and images from the opening of the exhibition:



See my development and the video I showed on my previous blog.