Shit Haiku

Experiment using text to voice function on a Mac. This irreverent haiku is given twists by 11 different voice options including Russian, Chinese and musical alternatives.


Blue sky. Housemartin.
Shit on my precious poem,
Shit on my hand.



Screenshot Light box

Experimenting with screenshots of online audio-visual generators such as Bubble Harp. However, I have muted the audio form the original files and created my own sounds from another source. So there is some irony in replacing the original software’s intended audio function with another and simply appropriating the visuals.


I am exploring play, random editing and appropriation of software for other means.

This is another in the series ‘Misuse of Apps‘.

Still in the Wind (1st Current)

Experimenting with resampling and remixing software on a piano improvisation I recorded a while back. I can’t read music or play piano, but I am curious as to how to make music (or should it be ‘soundscapes’?) despite these limitations.

Perhaps this is rather like working with found objects but instead of objects, musical notes and phrases which are stumbled upon and then rearranged.

This piece seems to fall in and out of melodic patterns, moving on, never really settling.