Shit Haiku

Experiment using text to voice function on a Mac. This irreverent haiku is given twists by 11 different voice options including Russian, Chinese and musical alternatives.


Blue sky. Housemartin.
Shit on my precious poem,
Shit on my hand.



Success: Group Project

Entry 1

A group project exploring the concept of ‘success’.

We started with the question: ‘How do we measure success’. But quickly moved on to a consideration of the presentation of the data of success. We talked about the website ‘Information is beautiful‘. Data can be presented as ‘dry’ and dull. But with imagination it can be brought alive.

We set ourselves the task of researching data and coming up with a personal response to the data in more visual or imaginative forms.

I started with a very simple scheme. Taking the team GB 2012 Olympic medal tally and modifying it visually.

I then considered working with tall buildings and drug use in the cities the buildings are built in. The buildings in silhouette resemble needles. And is there a link between wealthy towers and drug culture?

Entry 2

Relevant websites:

Entry 3

Exploring grids and audio-visual possibilities. Still sticking with the Team GB Olympic Medal totals. Here are two grids representing the Gold, Silver and Bronze tallies.

I then finally created a video using video screen capture of an audio-visual generator and edited it into four parts. Each section represents the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Total tallies in the number of white squares in the grid.

I’m fairly satisfied with the final piece. But part of me would like to have gone more abstract. I didn’t manage to get away from creating a visual representation of some basic data. My original idea was to make the end piece unrecognisable from the starting data.

However I did learn about video-screen shots and some new editing techniques. And I still think it is interesting to explore the ‘misuse of apps’ – playing with internet applications in a way that they were originally not intended for.

I will post another blog regarding the other work done in our group and our whole course show.

A couple of other related videos:

Art Beer Bottle Labels

This is a proposal for a collaboration with the Manchester based Black & Blue Writers.

I recently attended the opening of a new curatorial/arts project called the Lionel Dobie Project. As part of the opening there was a beer tasting session organised by Art&CraftBeer. He makes home brewed customised beers and links them to art projects. Very good beer too!

Art & Craft Beer tasting

This got me thinking about art beer labels, customised beer bottle labels, one off branding.

Black & Blue writers have a launch coming up – at it they will be celebrating their project and showing artists responses to their manifesto. My proposal is to incorporate sections of the manifesto into beer bottle labels.

I discovered an online label maker and set about designing some variants.

Even if they don’t end up on bottles, they might make an interesting set of prints.

Screenshot Light box

Experimenting with screenshots of online audio-visual generators such as Bubble Harp. However, I have muted the audio form the original files and created my own sounds from another source. So there is some irony in replacing the original software’s intended audio function with another and simply appropriating the visuals.


I am exploring play, random editing and appropriation of software for other means.

This is another in the series ‘Misuse of Apps‘.

Misuse of Apps

I have never been very good at following instructions beyond a certain point. I’m good up to the point of getting something up and running – opening a software package, installing it in the right order and then getting the basics. But after that I tend to get lazy (in a creative sense, I hope). I just want to play with the buttons and menus in a random, playful way.

I’m wondering how to push this a bit more. So for example using Sketch up – basically a 3D architectural design package. I got to the point of creating some basic buildings. How to push and pull walls etc. For example, working on a project for a friend:

But then felt it was all too accurate. So I created more random images:

It’s a kind of fantasy, sci-fi landscape. Somewhat bleak and inorganic. But what sort of space could this represent? Is it simply a virtual space? Could it be a basis for sculpture?

This could be developed in more interesting ways. For example it is possible to import images onto the walls and faces of the models. How could it be more subversive as regards the software?