The London Perambulator

John Rogers’ film looks at the city we deny and the future city that awaits us. Leading London writers and cultural commentators Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand explore the importance of the liminal spaces at the city’s fringe, its Edgelands, through the work of enigmatic and downright eccentric writer and researcher Nick Papadimitriou – a man whose life is dedicated to exploring and archiving areas beyond the permitted territories of the high street, the retail park, the suburban walkways.
The ideas of psychogeography and Nick’s own deep topography are also explored.


Cinema of Vagrancy

Just watched the immensely enjoyable visual essay ‘London‘ (1994) by Patrick Keiller.

In his essay on the film Iain Sinclair writes:

Any future urban cinema, wanting to learn from Keiller and Petit, should become a cinema of vagrancy. There’s no longer time for the laying of tracks, the crane, the cherry-picker: obsolescent industrial terminology. The truth of a city, divided against itself, can only be revealed, so Keiller believes, through a series of obscure pilgrimages, days spent crawling out on to the rim of things. The transcendent surrealism of airport perimeter roads, warehouses and reservoirs.

Makes me want to go a wandering……