Playspace Project: Artists’ Summer Camp

A project of two parts created by The Heinrich Event and The Verb. Playspace is made possible by Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces

Artists’ Summer Camp 19th : 30th August
8HRS + 2HRS 31st August

Playspace will take place at 4B Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BN.


Artists’ Summer Camp is a chance to get creative in a space with other people – it’s as simple as that. You might want to make something together or play on your own; it’s up to you. Artists’ Summer Camp will provide a workspace and interesting and stimulating people. Just bring anything you may need to make, the site is in close proximity to city centre art shops etc.
Create in the space for a couple of hours, an afternoon, or over week or two: you decide!

Artists’ Summer Camp is open Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd August and Tuesday 27th August to Friday 30th August, 10-5.
It may be open over Bank Holiday weekend, by arrangement, subject to availability.

If you are coming to Artists’ Summer Camp, please first join the Playspace Facebook group and then let us know via the Artists’ Summer Camp Facebook event, stating which day or days you plan to come down. Or, if you are Facebook-averse, let us know via
On your first day at Artists’ Summer Camp, please arrive either between 10 and 10:30 or 2 and 2:30 to be inducted into the space.

8HRS + 2HRS | 31st August 10-6pm

8HRS of creating alongside, and if you choose with, other artists.

This is a 12HRS event, just a more concise day. See for details for past 12HRS events.
12HRS is a series of artist focused events which brings creative minds together to create in the same space over a day.
It provides practitioners with an opportunity to MEET/CREATE/DISCUSS with artists from a range of creative backgrounds. There are no limits to what can be done in this time frame. This is aimed at all creative people from enthusiasts to professional artists at all stages of their career. Learn, share, collaborate, and communicate.

If you want to come to 8HRS, please tell us by joining Playspace Facebook group and then posting to the 8HRS + 2HRS Facebook event, letting us know who you are, what you plan to bring & how much space you may need to create in. Or, if you are Facebook-averse, let us know via


Saturday 31st August, 6-8pm

2HRS is open to the public – invite your friends!
If you cannot take part in the Summer Camp or 8HRS but would like to see what has gone on over the 2 weeks join us for a beer and a peek! MEET|DISCUSS with other artists, and perhaps share experiences had over the two week project.

Playspace is made possible by Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces

Feel free to get in touch with any question at

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