If Not Here Where: Fletcher Moss Art Gallery

I created some outdoor work for the contemporary art group show at Fletcher Moss Art Gallery, Didsbury Parsonage. The show ran from 7th -21st July 2013 and had a good attendance throughout.

At the previous Fletcher Moss Art Gallery Show I created two giant nests which remained in the garden until this show. I had intended to remove them, yet to keep them for another project. As I was wrapping the nests in shrink-wrap I realised that they were becoming giant cocoons and that they could be hung in the trees.

The title of the show inspired me to reflect on death. When we die, where do we go? If not here (as a ghost, a spirit, a rotting body) where (heaven, reborn, nowhere)? I created a laser cut slate headstone and made a grave with a mirror. I place to reflect in our mortality and to open conversation about a frequently avoided subject matter. The gardeners helped me find a suitable spot under an old yew tree. Suitable, as yew trees are common in graveyards. The installation stimulated a lot of interest and discussion. The fletcher moss garden staff agreed to keep the installation for an indefinite period of time.

A companion piece (‘If not here 2’) was constructed from a dog cage, a mirror and another laser etched slate. Where is the dog? The presence of a lost pet?

For more information on the show and the other artists see the Fletcher Moss Art Gallery Blog

Facebook event page

John Lynch: Curator’s statement:

As the Manchester International Festival descends upon the city centre, in the leafy suburbs of Didsbury a smaller but no less significant event unfolds. ‘If Not Here Where’, is a contemporary art exhibition with a difference. In the walled garden of Didsbury Parsonage, perhaps Manchester’s best kept secret, a Garden Party in conjunction with Didsbury Parsonage Trust and Friends of Fletcher Moss Park and Parsonage Gardens, launches the event on July 7th. If Not Here…Where else would you wish to be? Art celebrating life. Join us on the day and intermittently throughout the exhibition (see www.fletchermossartgallery.wordpress.com for details), artists shall be telling time traveling stories, making magical flowers, and time honored face painting. An event with the community, with all communities, young or old firmly in mind.

Within Didsbury Parsonages Victorian interior the exhibition acquires a different hue. If Not Here Where, takes a more considered view of contemporary life. Artists question what makes us who we are. Jae Maries ‘Drifting Away’, contemplation on her father as he drifted into dementia. Gemma Lacey work considers the ephemeral nature of being and Natasha Lolljee pursues the heart and mind, a reflection of how we exist, renewal and regeneration. It is not our memory alone that makes us who we are.

Join us, meander through the spread eagle archway, and enter the delightful walled garden. Spend some time quietly contemplating these works, or exchange views with our artists who will be resident throughout the exhibition and always happy to chat. If Not Here Where else would you rather be?

Fletcher Moss Art Gallery
Didsbury Parsonage
Didsbury Parsonage Trust,
Stenner Lane,
M20 2RQ


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