Umbrella Design Festival Promo Film

A University project made to pitch a design festival concept to the Manchester City Council. The film showcases the areas that were chosen to hold the festival, whilst the orange umbrella leads the viewer through the city and to these spaces.

We have collaborated under one ‘Umbrella’, which coincidentally became the concept for our festival.

Our Umbrella Design Festival stands for:
– Branching out
– Connecting People
– Sheltering Manchester

This exhibition shows our journey of ideas exploring ‘Umbrella’

‘Umbrella’ is a design festival hoping to take place across 5 days in June 2014. It will be an outdoor festival aiming to be made up of 21 designed pop-up spaces across Manchester, holding content such as fashion, film, music, 3D design, photography and artists exhibitions.

One of the main emphases of ‘Umbrella’ is to contribute to the regeneration of Ancoats. We aim to bring colours, attractive culture and imaginative design ideas into the area.

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