CNDF notes

Our festival name: CNDF, Creative North Design Festival

Our small manifesto list (what we are about): Design, Engagement, Senses and The Unexpected.

Our festival is a spring summer design festival planned to take place at the beginning of june.

Our festival is an out door festival aiming to be made up of 20 pop up spaces (see rogers list).

Our central image/logo is The Umbrella! this structure stands for : -Branching out, connecting people and sheltering manchester… the pop up structure of the logo also links with our 20 pop up spaces idea and the fact its always raining in manchester….

Our Content will be a mixture of… Artist exhibitions, design shows (including fashion, interior, architecture, Textiles), designers and artists film work, music and interaction with the public through… workshops, promotion events and food and drink.

One key issues is sustainability we will address this issue though the prototypes of pop up structures we will begin to make as well as thinking about mobility and aesthetic.

Maps and mapping the festival in different ways is important to us.

Interesting approach to promotion

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