Manchester Art Gallery Dancers

I have been involved with the MAG Dancers for a few months now. This is an open, once a month, dance group for health and well-being co-ordinated by dancer and choreographer Gerry Turvey. The idea is to move and dance in a gallery space, in response to selected art works, and the gallery itself. I’m attending partly for my own interest and involvement, partly to help out, but also to develop my working connection with Gerry with whom I am working on some collaborations later in the year.

Participants for the Gallery Dance have been recruited through contacts the gallery has with mental health organisations and older adults groups. The workshops are part of the gallery’s health and wellbeing programme, which is about encouraging people to use the gallery and its collections to enhance a sense of wellbeing.

The workshops aim to see how dance and movement can provide interpretation of artworks throughout different gallery spaces.

Provide a way for participants to experience artworks differently

Have a positive impact on the health and well being of participants, promoting the benefits of being active through dance and movement, plus the benefits of being in a gallery space

Give participants a sense of ownership of the gallery; provide a secure space which they feel comfortable being in

Provide participants with a forum for engaging and connecting with other people and in a group (being social)

MAG Dancers 2 MAG Dancers 3 MAG Dancers 1This video shows some exploratory choreography on the glass footbridge from the old to the new gallery building.

See the Gallery Dance blog

28 March 2013….Performance and sharing at 3.30pm
contact Louise Thompson (main gallery contact)

0161 235 8877

For more information about Gerry Turvey


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