Nested (Photo-shoots)

Further developments on the ‘Nest’ theme using human form and photography. For the nude shots I selected four mounted photos and worked with the curators to position them in the gallery space. The images in the nude shoot aim to have a sense of vulnerability and perhaps an irony in that the naked human form does not have feathers. But although there is vulnerability, there is a sense of protection created by the nest. The nest is an archetypal form, resonating with ‘home’ and safety.

The second shoot was with a model in black with a black feather boa. A different mood. More obviously referencing a bird (corvus, crows and blackbirds?). But perhaps a mysterious narrative, a bird-woman from a fairy-tale? A vignette for projecting fantasy.

The nests are in a public garden, so it is likely that people will want to sit in them at some point. In fact my original intention was to encourage people to do this. The final shot below is of my friend who wanted to do just that. The nest as fun and play.



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