Fletcher Moss Art Gallery Residency: Nests

Phase one of my nine day residency involved the creation of two large nests in the Didsbury Parsonage Gardens.

Having cut down a large swathe of russian vine in my back garden I was looking out of the window at the pile and realised it looked like a giant nest. So I transferred all the vine to the Parsonage in three car journeys. I realised that I was mimicking bird behaviour: gathering materials, flitting back and forth, and slowly building my nests.

Also out of my garden came a buddleia stump and a discarded blackbird nest which I lined with felt.

Stump and Felted nest

Stump and felted nest

Stump and felted nest

Curator’s office inside Didsbury Parsonage

Nest in process

Nests in process

Adding autumnal Acer leaves

Adding autumnal Acer leaves

CP Lee (Manchester writer and musician) and Pam Lee.

Finished nest

2 thoughts on “Fletcher Moss Art Gallery Residency: Nests

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