Art of Protest Exhibit

The Art of Protest Exhibition MMU Student Union exhibit.

Here’s my print of ‘Our Lungs Are Tesco Bags’ sandwiched between a print of Banksy’s ‘Laugh Now’ and Tedd Church’s photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono doing their ‘Bed In’ (at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, which was a peaceful protest against the Vietnam War. They used the publicity that their marriage would attract to bring focus on a war they didn’t agree with. They hoped to show peaceful protest could promote a peaceful resolution.)

MMU students were invited to create work based around “The Art of Protest’’. This could have been anything they wanted – a photograph, poetry, a film, or a painting, and inspiration was taken most iconic demonstration artist.

Our Lungs Are Tesco Bags



Artists selected:

Habakkuk Mwiko “Two Thumbs up”
Daniel Collins “Union”
Chloe Hamill “Not to be forgot”
Patrick Lyth “Weapon of Mass Destruction”
Erin Echo “Riot” “Occupy” “Peace” “Vote”
Collette Curry “Shadow of a former self”
Huw Jones “Creative Ammunition”
Artur Rabinski “Art of Protest – Tuition fees”
Matthew Thompson “Manchester Riots”
Ciarán Hodgers “Problems With Pride”
Roger Bygott “Our lungs are Tesco bags”
Scott Riby “Contextualising and Articulating a Non-Place Environment”
James Dawson “Protest”
Sarah Elizabeth Cooper “Don’t let”
Manon Divet “S.H.A.R.P”
Beth Cooper ‘Protest Photography”
Hannah Patternson Painted Canvas
Clare A series of fashion samples
Visual Arts Society A Protest Muriel
Hayley Devlin Feminist Poetry

Exhibition: Tuesday 13th November from 10am – 5pm at the Met, MMUnion.

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