Bloomberg New Contemporaries: NOT

I don’t know if it was that I went to see the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the end of seeing a lot of other art at the current Liverpool Biennial, or that I just didn’t connect. Though at the last Biennial I had a similar somewhat dispirited response. The new ’emergent art practice from British art schools’ just didn’t seem very vital to me.

Either way, I ended up not looking at the art, and instead enjoying the atmosphere, architecture and general layout of the old Royal Mail building (the LJMU Copperas Hill Building). So fascinating seeing the recent remnants of a once thriving and busy sorting office. Still remaining are glimpses of a working system: letter feeds, boxed-in conveyor belts, pigeon holes, storage racks, taped off and delineated/specially designated sorting areas. An architectural 3D flowchart of communication and mail dispensation. A shell of paper dispensation, ghosts of postal workers.

The late afternoon light was breaking in like an unexpected guest…..that, and the space itself were the most successful self evident emergent installation….

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