Floorplan Collective: Exhibition at Piccadilly Place

4th -14th October

Artists from 2nd and 3rd year Interactive Arts, Sculpture, and Photography came together to create, curate and invigilate a show of work. We wanted to gain experience in setting up an exhibition, in working collaboratively and in getting our work out into the world.

Our opening night was very successful with good feedback, a great atmosphere, and positive comments about the show. Piccadilly Place is in central Manchester, however the footfall past the building is not very high, so we had low numbers during the week (3-6 people per day). So we need to do some research about locations and expectations. I suspect that our low budget and time constraints meant we didn’t advertise as much as we would have liked to. On the other hand, invigilating the show in pairs or threes gave us valuable time to talk about projects, future plans, art and culture in general.

The show employed a variety of media; including photography, digital interaction, sculpture and assembled articles. All of the work is based around the theme of ‘change’. This is particularly significant when considering the state of social and economic upheaval taking place globally. Each artist responded to the theme in a unique way.

Floorplan Leaflets:

Floorplan logo / vinyl:

2 thoughts on “Floorplan Collective: Exhibition at Piccadilly Place

  1. Congratulations to all involved in the Floorplan show. Roger, good to see you reflecting on what you learned about organising and running an artist-run exhibition.
    Other questions – how did your individual practice develop through this? Would be good to see some critical reflection on the works in the show. What feedback did the audience give?

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