Misuse of Apps

I have never been very good at following instructions beyond a certain point. I’m good up to the point of getting something up and running – opening a software package, installing it in the right order and then getting the basics. But after that I tend to get lazy (in a creative sense, I hope). I just want to play with the buttons and menus in a random, playful way.

I’m wondering how to push this a bit more. So for example using Sketch up – basically a 3D architectural design package. I got to the point of creating some basic buildings. How to push and pull walls etc. For example, working on a project for a friend:

But then felt it was all too accurate. So I created more random images:

It’s a kind of fantasy, sci-fi landscape. Somewhat bleak and inorganic. But what sort of space could this represent? Is it simply a virtual space? Could it be a basis for sculpture?

This could be developed in more interesting ways. For example it is possible to import images onto the walls and faces of the models. How could it be more subversive as regards the software?

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