Interspace Changes: Studio Trial


4th -14th October

Ten artists collaborate on a show in a variety of media; including photography, digital interaction, sculpture and assembled articles. All of the work is based around the theme of ‘change’.

My piece is an installation of around 2,000 photocopied reproductions of a series of my line drawings. The A4 photocopies will be arranged in relation to the other artists work and will be predominantly on the floor. So the installation is a floor work. The theme of the piece concerns dance, a choreography of paper, and an exploration of a 2D floor-space in the context of a 3D exhibition space. The work is also an exploration of the uses of the spaces in a gallery that are generally not used (i.e. the areas between works of art).

I’m also interested in how multiples change the impact of a single piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Related themes: cells, wholes & parts, gestalt, floor art, photocopy art, art as dance, organic overflow, multiplication

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